İngilizce 9.sınıf 2.dönem 1.yazılı yoklama 2015-2016


Name :                                                            Surname:                                                         Date: 04-04-2016

Number:                                                         Class: AL-

READ THE TEXT AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS (Metni oku ve sorularını cevapla.) (5×4 = 20)

The Pyramids of Giza are some of the most famous monuments in the world. The Egyptians built the Pyramids about 4.000 years ago. 100.000 people worked for 30 years to build them. The pyramids were tombs for the ancient Egyptian Kings, the Pharaohs. The biggest pyramid is the Pyramid of Cheops. Giza is one of the most popular city with its Pyramids. Many tourists from all over the world visit this city every year.

How many people worked to build the Pyramids of Giza? _______________________________________________________
Which is the biggest pyramid? __________________________________________________________________________
When did the Egyptians build the Pyramids? ____________________________________________________________
Were the Pyramids tombs for the ancient Egyptian Queen? ____________________________________________________
How many people worked to build the Pyramids? _____________________________________________________________

Fill in the blanks with “ AM/IS/ARE – WAS/WERE” (Boşlukları am/is/are – was/were kullanarak doldurun) (5×2=10)

Linda and Sandra _________ born in Paris. 4. I ______________ surprised when I saw the party yesterday.
You ________ very angry today. 5. Maria was fat last year but she___________slim now.
My uncle _________ at work two hours ago.

Rewrite the sentences by using “WILL – BE GOING TO” (Cümleleri “WILL” ya da “BE GOING TO” kullanrak yeniden yazın) (3×2=6)
She will board the plane at 5 o’clock. à _______________________________________________
They are going to live in Berlin. à _______________________________________________
The plane will land at 7 o’clock. à _______________________________________________

Make the sentences negative (Cümleleri olumsuz yapın) (6×3=18)

We will watch a concert at the stadium this evening. ___________________________________________________
He lived in a big flat last year. ___________________________________________________
She makes a sandwich every morning. ___________________________________________________
They built a lighthouse 70 years ago. ___________________________________________________
I am having breakfast at the moment. ___________________________________________________
I found my passport under my bed yesterday. ___________________________________________________

Answer the questions by using tips. (parentez içindeki ipuçlarını kullanarak soruları cevaplayın) (7×3=21)
Where do you live? (Şanlıurfa) ___________________________________________________________________
What is she doing now? (announce the winner) _______________________________________________________
Is he sleeping at the momen? ( NO ) _________________________________________________________________
What time did the plane take off? (9 o’clock) _________________________________________________________
When will you visit the Taj Mahal? (next summer) ______________________________________________________
Does she like working in İstanbul? (YES) ____________________________________________________________
Did you have a computer 2 days ago? (YES) ___________________________________________________________


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