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Although I had stayed in England for over a year, it was difficult for me to understand the British mentality. Traveling to the office everyday by train, I watched people concealing their faces behind newspaper. They rarely conversed with each other, occasionally lifting their eyebrows to look at their fellow passengers. But when I started a conversation under the pretext of the weather, I found many had a natural gift for gossip.




1- The writer was quite surprised ………

A) as he could understand the British mind.

B) because almost no one on the train was talking to each other.

C) since most people were reading newspaper.

D) after he saw people traveling by train.


2. Using the excuse of the weather …………

A) doesn’t work all the time

B) is how one can get the British to talk

C) is good for gossiping about nature

D) requires natural gift for gossip


3. It can be understood from the passage that …………

A) people in England cover their faces with a sports magazine.

B) the British do not look at anybody in the train.

C) the British are in fact have a tendency to talking.

D) Englishmen never read something.



Doole was in business, in fireplaces. But he would often go for a stroll in the afternoon between two and three. “Nobody comes back from lunch till three, you might as well not have a telephone”, so he often said to himself. Doole took out his watch and checked the time. Nearly half an hour before he need think of the office. “What a wholly delightful day!” he contemplated. Indeed, the varied colorful flowers in the park shone very brightly in that September light.




4. We understand from the passage that…..

A) employees in the office always go to the park

B) people return to the office at about three o’clock

C) nobody telephones the office

D) Doole prefers to be near the fireplace


5. It’s obvious in the passage that Doole……..

A) only goes out if it is fine

B) has his lunch at three o’clock

C) does not call at the office

D) enjoys walking in the park


6. We can infer from the passage that ………….

A) it was a fine autumn day

B) the weather was very cold

C) it was a beautiful summer day

D) Doole preferred to be in a different place.



There is no simple answer to the question, “How can I enhance my memory?” But there are some general points one can make. Firstly, you have to practice. Practice remembering things. Secondly, use your memory. Do not write down  notes all the time. Just  rely on your memory .It’s certain that you actually risk making your memory worse that way. In order to utilize your memory, you have to be keen to remember-eager to remember. If you really mean to remember things, you can. And thirdly, always make associations when you want to remember anything.




7. To better one’s ability to remember, one should not…..

A) make general points

B) practice everything one learns

C) force oneself to remember

D) write down the things one should remember.


8. Writing down everything …

A) helps a lot to remember

B) makes a person’s memory worse

C) improves memory

D) leads to mistakes


9. The writer underlines  that  we  ………

A) should not be so eager to remember

B) must try to remember everything

C) should make small notes when one wants to remember anything

D) can also connect things in mind to remember them


10. Look, her clothes___brand new. Where did she get the money to buy___?

A) is, it

B) are, them

C) are, it

D) is, them



A: ___ever___ to this museum?

B: — Yes, I___it once when I___a youth. Since then I___there.

A) did you be, visited, was, was not

B) were you, visited, was, was not

C) have you been, have visited, were, have not been

D) have you been, visited, was, have not been


12. One day when he___home he___a boy who___ him from the opposite side of the street.

A) was walking, saw, watches

B) walked, has seen, was watching

C) was walking, saw, was watching

D) has walked, has seen, has watched


13. Unless he___, we___to the theatre.

A) doesn’t come, won’t go

B) comes, won’t go

C) won’t come, don’t go

D) doesn’t come, don’t go



A: When did you see Ann last?

B: I___her since she_____ to another city.

A) haven’t seen, has moved

B) didn’t see, moved

C) haven’t seen, moved

D)  didn’t see, has moved


15. Come on, if the sun___before we reach home, we ___our way.

A) sets, will lose

B) will have set, lose

C) will have set, will lose

D) has been set, lose


16. He was tired and by the time I___, he___asleep.

A) have come, has fallen

B) came, fell

C) came, had fallen

D) had come, had fallen


17. If I moved a town  I  was unfamiliar with , I ______ start exploring it on my own.

A) would

B) will

C) can

D) am going to


18. My uncle has been travelling all his life. By the time he is sixty, he ……………. every country in the world.

A) will visit

B) will have visited

C) would visit

D) must have visited



A: What is the matter with you?

B: I have a lot of homework to do but I am not good at Maths.

A: Never mind. I am good at Maths. I …………… help you.

A) should

B) ‘m going to

C) could

D) will


20. When Mr. Arıcan finished the project, he felt ……………

A) as quick as lightning

B) as free as a bird

C) as white as snow

D) as quite as a mouse


21. If you want to be an even ………. team player, try to be more of a leader when you are in a group.

A) good

B) well

C) worst

D) better


22. The ability to listen to others, discuss, keep your promises and relate to different kinds of people are ……………  that  make you a good friend.

A) qualified

B) qualities

C) quantity

D) quarrel


23. “ Keep in mind” means ………….

A) remember

B) try

C) make

D) relationship


24. The opposite of “ mature” is ……………….

A) inmature

B) ilmature

C) unmature

D) immature


25. Which one is wrong?

A) independent

B) unwilling

C) nonfamiliar

D) impatient


26. Sezen Aksu is going to ……. Anew album soon and I expect it to be a great success.

A) remind

B) release

C) recall

D) remember


27. Murphy is the only person …………….. understands me.

A) who

B) which

C) where

D) what


28. The old woman ……….. suitcase I carried gave me € 5.

A) who

B) whose

C) which

D) that


29. Will you give me the name of the person ………. I should talk to?

A) whom

B) which

C) whose

D) when


30. This is the restaurant ………. we usually have lunch.

A) who

B) whom

C) where

D) why


31. Wow! Look at that………. of birds. Where are they all going?

A) herd

B) school

C) swarm

D) flock


32. How many ………… has the film won?

A) awards

B) compose

C) lyrics

D) solo


33. This table is old, but it’s as solod as a …………

A) chair

B) wall

C) rock

D) floor


34. I don’t really get along ………… my siter. We are very different.

A) by

B) to

C) over

D) with


35. If I ………… you, I would not accept their offer.

A) am

B) will be

C) would be

D) were





A) ran out of                                                               C) the next thing I knew

B) how was your weekend                                    D) a real shock


Samuel:        So, (36) ……………?

Andrew:        Not too good. You’ll never believe what happened!

Samuel:        What happened?

Andrew:        Well, I had decided to drive to Brighton with some friends. We had planned

Everything down to the detail, but …

Samuel:        Don’t tell me that you (37)……….

Andrew:        No, of course not. It was late at night, and I had been driving for about six

hours. I made a mistake and took a wrong turn, and (38)……… we were in the

middle of nowhere!

Samuel:        Wow! That must have been (39)…………….



40. Wearing a ………. belt can save your life in a serious accident.

A) sit

B) sitting

C) seat

D) sat


41. The Concorde used to be the ………….. passenger plane.

A) fast

B) faster

C) fastest

D) as fast as


42. Alice is improving at her job. Alice is getting…………………. at her job.

A) good

B) better and better

C) worse and worse

D) well


43. What would you do if you………. the president?

A) will meet

B) would meet

C) meet

D) met





Mary: Did you notice how Amanda looked last night at her son’s party?

Sally: Yeah. She wasn’t at her (44)…………. She looked tired.

Mary: Well, we should (45)….. in mind that she has been working for over 12 hours day.

Sally: Of course, she would get exhausted sooner or (46)…….. Still it’s quite impressive that even though she’s beem so busy, she (47)….. Her promise to her son and had the party.

Mary: Yeah. It was a pretty good party, too. She must have (48)…… a great efford to prepare everything.

Sally: I don’t think I would have done all that if I were in her (49)……….

Mary: May I (50)…….. a suggestion?

Sally: What?

Mary: Let’s do something nice for her, something that will help her relax a bit.


44. A) good                  B) well                                   C) better                                               D) best


45. A) keep                  B) hold                                  C) take                                  D) get


46. A) late                     B) later                                  C) latest                                D) lately


47. A) kept                    B) held                                  C) did                                    D) had


48. A) did                      B) made                                               C) had                                   D) gone


49. A) feet                    B) clothes                             C) shoes                               D) socks


50. A) make                 B) do                                     C) have                                 D) say



Good Luck…


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