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Cemil is nineteen years old. In the past he had problems with his family. Here, he is talking about them:
“When I started high school I also started to have problems with my family. They thought that I had to study all the time because four years later there was the university entrance exam. When I came from school, dinner would be ready. My father would say, ‘Have your dinner, be quick. Then off to your study.’ And when he said this he always looked angry. Usually I felt tired after school, like most students. But they wouldn’t allow me to have a rest. I was an understanding boy. I knew that my parents did it for my sake. They did it because they wanted me to have a good future. So I put up with it.
Things, however, began to get more difficult and unbearable when they began to interfere with my friends. They would secretly come to school and ask teacher, ‘Mr. Teacher, who is the best student in my son’s class?’ ‘Kamil’. Then they would ask me, ‘Who is your best friend?’
–Mahmut is my best friend.
-What about Kamil? www.sorubak.com
–He is a good boy but we are not friends.
-Look my boy, you must make friends with Kamil.

I hated this. But I didn’t know what to do. I went to the school consultant, Mr. Vahap Doğan, to talk about it. ‘You are right, Cemil’, he said, ‘But you must understand them, too. They are afraid that you will have bad friends and then a bad future.’
–I do understand them. But this is too much. I am only a teenager and I can’t bear it any more.
-Why don’t you talk to them?
–I tried several times.
-Then it is my turn. I will talk with your parents.

He did as he said. Nothing changed.
I left school. I ran away from home. I went to my uncle’s in another city. Fortunately uncle listened to my problem, then telephoned my father and talked about it.”
Cemil went back home. But he never returned to the school. Now he is a truck driver. He says he is happy with his life. His father says they made a big mistake when he was at high school. Now they don’t interfere with his life.

1. When did Cemil first have problems with his family?
2. Why was dinner always ready when Cemil came from school?
3. Did Cemil try to understand his family?
4. Why did his parents want to learn the best student in Cemil’s class?
5. Why do his parents not interfere with his life now?

What do the underlined words refer to? (4 pts each)
1. Them, line 2:
2. They, line 3:
3. It, line 8:
4. Them, line 19:
5. It, line 29:

GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY (3 points each)
A. Rewrite the following sentences using “be allowed”
1) Cemil’s father doesn’t let him ride a bike.
2) Teachers don’t allow us to wear jeans.

B. Fill in the gaps with pronouns (subject pronouns, object pronouns, reflexive pronouns)
3) Kamil must be crazy because he is talking to _________________.
4) I don’t like that man and he doesn’t like _________________. So we don’t like each other.
5) _________________ doesn’t want to go home because his mother is angry with him.
6) Students must do their homework _________________.

C. Fill in the gaps with words in brackets using present simple or present continuous tense.
7) He doesn’t listen to me because he _________________ always _________________ TV. (watch)
8) At weekends we always _________________ fishing. (go)
9) Your daughter _________________ always _________________ late. (come)

D. Complete the sentences with verbs from the box. Use passive or active structure.
write steal lose forget
10) He didn’t have any money because it _________________.
11) She couldn’t open the door because her keys _________________.
12) I don’t understand this letter because Kamil _________________ it in English.
13) He is famous now but he will _________________ in the future.

E. Turn the following sentences into passive.
14) People speak Spanish in Brazil.
15) We break the window once a week.

F. Write sentences to agree with the given sentence. (using neither, so)
16) Ahmet: I don’t like football.
Cemil: __________________________________
17) Hamdi: I want to go to the cinema.
Kamil: __________________________________

G. Complete the sentences with words from the box.
make up for put out put off
18) We tried hard but we couldn’t _________________ the fire.
19) I can’t go to New York today. I have to _________________ the flight.
20) Cemil bought his wife flowers to _________________ his mistake. www.sorubak.com

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