8.sınıf ingilizce dersi 2.dönem 3.yazılı soruları 2012-2013

Yazılının Görselli ve Tam Halini İndirmek İçin TIKLAYINIZ

Name&Surname:                                                  HÜSEYİN AK PRIMARY SCHOOL

Number            :                                                   2nd TERM 3th WRITTEN EXAM

Class                : 8/                                                  A                                Score:______/_______________

CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER (each 4 points)

1- A:I’ve broken my leg.  B:___________!

a)I agree with you b)Poor you c)Absolutely d) That’s right

2- A: Handball is a boring game. B: ___________

a)What a shame!          b)How awful!

c)I agree with you.      d)Poor you!

3- I’d rather wear jeans ______trousers.

a)to               b)then                c)than              d)not

4- John prefers ________cheeseburger.

a)eat             b)ate                  c)eaten                        d)eating

5- Take your umbrella_____you don’t get wet.

a)so that       b)in case            c)in case of      d)but

6- I’ll take some money with me_____ I need.

a)so that       b)in case            c)in case of      d)but

7- I am proud_____my students.

a)in               b)at                    c)of                 d)about

8- Mike is bad_____ singing.

a)in               b)at                    c)of                 d)about

9-My _________ is that I am responsible.

a)strenght    b)weakness          c)personally     d)think

10- un- ………………

a)possible     b)legal                c)imaginative   d)regular

11-I would like ______ abroad.

a)to eat        b)to live              c)to drink        d)to buy

12-Farklı olanı seçiniz.

a)single                    b)married           c)widow            d)porter

13-He is speaking____slowly____I am bored.

a)such/that  b)in/case                        c)so/that         d)so/but

14-Aysu is such_____student that she always gets 100.

a)a careless  b)a terrible        c)a careful       d)a fast

15-I’ve ______ridden a horse. I’d like to try it.

a)just           b)never              c)already         d)recenly

16-I’ve ironed 10 shirts ______ an hour.

a)for            b)since                c)yet               d)lately

17-________ have you had this house?

a)How often     b)How old        c)How long    d)How far

18- My father has been very busy_______.

a)since         b)for                  c)lately          d)yet


19-A: Have you_____ had a traffic accident?

    B: No, ______.

a)ever/never b)ever/ever     c)ever/yet    d)never/ever

20- _____ I entered the room, he was crying.

a)What          b)While           c)When        d)If

21- I _____ home while my family_______ dinner.

a)arrived/had                          b)was arriving/had

c)arrived/was having   d)arrived/having

22- Pamela _______ at eight yesterday morning.

a)has slept      b)sleep       c) sleeping     d)was sleeping

23- My son is_____. He can’t stay alone at home.

a)old enough    b)enough old     c)too young  d)young too

24- A true friend is _________.

a)lazy          b)stingy        c)helpful      d)rude.

25- My father is a very____man. He never tells lies.

a)rude         b)reliable      c)stingy       d)supportive



Duration: 40 minutes                    Good Luck!




1    16    
2    17    
3    18    
4    19    
5    20    
6    21    
7    22    
8    23    
9    24    
10    25    

Yazılının Görselli ve Tam Halini İndirmek İçin TIKLAYINIZ


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