11.sınıf ingilizce 2.dönem 3.yazılı soruları 2013-2014

Point: ……..                                                             2013-2014 ACADEMIC YEAR ….. ANATOLIAN TEACHER’S TRAINING HIGH SCHOOL 2ND TERM 3RD EXAM FOR 11/C

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  1. Because I was ……… by the disturbance in the street, I was unable to concentrate on our conversation.

A) deterred             B) encountered   C) distressed

D) distracted            E) invaded


  1. My classmates ………….. a farewell party to celebrate our graduation but I couldn’t join because I was so busy.

A) arranged             B) doubted           C) drafted

D) pulled                  E) excused


  1. I know they are cousins of some sort, but I am not sure of the exact ……… between them.

A) association          B) organisation     C) relationship

D) engagement       E) intelligence


  1. The painting was so ……… done that I thought at first that it was a photograph.

A) skillfully               B) merely              C) gradually

D) permanently       E) presently


  1. ………. your new assistant is quite well qualified, because I’m sure you would not hire anyone incompetent.

A) Formally              B) Presumably      C) Admittedly

D) Alternatively       E) Willingly


  1. We try to …….. this entirely difficult situation so we study hard and we believe that we will accomplish.

A) push                     B) tempt                C) reconcile

D) shelter                 E) overcome


  1. The car needs routine ………. . It has been 6 months since the last one.

A) interference       B) awesome          C) mediocre

D) maintenance      E) integrity


  1. Since ……… his brother ………. his sister ever married, his children are the only ones who will carry on the family.

A) both/and                             B) either/or          C) neither/nor

D) not only/but also               E) whether/or


  1. There is a lot of excitement ……… the two teams from the capital play one another.

A) whichever                          B) by the time      C) as soon as

D) no matter                            E) whenever


  1. …….. the election was over, the politicians forgot all the promises they had made.

A) So far       B) Once      C) How       D) Whereas      E) Until


  1. In total, we have ten chairs in the house, so, ……….. you can invite eight friends to your birthday party.

A) in addition       B) at once             C) in general

D) by far                                E) at the most


12. Hoping to find something valuable …….. all the worthless items, we spent hours searching …….. his belongings.

A) among/ through             B) about/with       C) of/about

D) through/into                   E) inside/between


13. Although Norway is poor in land suitable ………. cultivation, which is restricted ………. the cool, wet climate, agriculture is practised in the fertile valleys.

A) on/at       B) for/by         C) about/on

D) of/in        E) with/to


14.   A friend of ……… has a cottage in a summer resort, so we can spend ………. holiday there if you like.

A) my/yours                         B) us/ours             C) mine/our

D) you/your                         E) them/my


15. Agriculture and petroleum refining are the basis of Edmonton’s important industries, ………. other major industries include lumbering, flour milling, meat-packing and the production of plastics.

A) which        B) whom      C) how        D) when        E) whose


16.   I had no idea …….. the hotel was from the station, so I hired a taxi.

A) how far     B) which     C) where      D) how long      E) what


17.   My sister and I couldn’t decide which film to see since the love story was ……… appealing to her ……… the action film was to me.

A) the same/as     B) as/as                  C) similar/with

D) such/that         E) much/than


18.   …….. of the damage from the earthquake was concentrated in one town, and it looked as if …….. town had been destroyed.

A) Every/much     B) Most/the whole              C) Some/all

D) Each/most        E) Enough/each


19. Angela was so ………. that nearly none of her friends wanted to attend her party that’s why her party was not so crowded.

A) respectful        B) reverse             C) gorgeous

D) arrogant           E) precise


20. Alison has bought a new CD player which plays five CDs ……………

A) immensely       B) hesitantly         C) elaborately

D) frankly              E) consecutively


21. Selin has got a very big mouth. She ………… my cousin whenever she laughs. She looks so funny and cute.

A) rejects            B) removes        C) prevents

D) consumes     E) resembles



22. He had to …………. the meeting 11.00 o’clock so that he could get to the funeral on time.

A) check out            B) put through                     C) bring forward

D) come over          E) give away


23. I believe that, if ……… well with plenty of examples, no grammar point in English is hard …….. .

A) to explain/understood

B) explained/to understand

C) being explained/understanding

D) explaining/to be understood

E) to be explained/being understood


24. I……… there for thirty years when, during a nation-wide economic crisis, the company ……… .

A) had been working/failed

B) was working/has failed

C) worked/had failed

D) will have worked/is failing

E) have been working/was failing


25. We ……… tomorrow on the 9 o’clock train, so I hope you ……… late.

A) leave/aren’t coming

B) will have left/didn’t come

C) will be leaving/haven’t come

D) are leaving/won’t come

E) have left/don’t come


26. He ……. at the party last night, or I ……. him.

A) weren’t to be/had seen

B) shouldn’t have been/saw

C) couldn’t have been/would have seen

D) hadn’t been/ought to see

E) hasn’t been/was supposed to see


27. Having searched everywhere in the house for her lost bracelet, ……. .

A) she finally remembered that she had left it at her friend’s

B) her father had given it to her for her birthday

C) there was a possibility that her sister might have borrowed it

D) it was a really nice silver bracelet, hand-made in India

E) it had somehow got stuck down the back of the sofa


28. Even though there is no way to know what the future will bring, ….. .

A) it’s been interpreted by many as an unforeseen disaster

B) no one can even be sure of what will happen tomorrow

C) making predictions can sometimes cause frustration as well

D) we can protect ourselves from disasters by taking certain


E) fortune tellers actually make up all their predictions


29. Dissatisfied with the quality of the education he was getting, ……. .

A) the college was obviously not a very good one

B) he decided to transfer to a better college

C) if only he had listened to his parents and gone to a better college

D) there were plenty of other colleges around to choose from

E) but it was the best that was offered in such a small town


Incessant violence has been only one aspect of Pakistan’s national tragedy since independence. The country has never had an elected government that survived long enough to be voted out of office. The country has spent half its life under military dictatorships, with the result that now soldiers outnumber doctors 9 to 1. More than half the population is illiterate. Per capita economic growth is approximately zero, and Pakistan has been named as one of the five most corrupt countries in the world. Yet no one in Pakistan believes that their country should have remained part of India.


Incessant: sürekli, devamlı

Outnumber: sayıca üstün olmak, sayıca geçmek

Illiterate: okuma-yazma bilmeyen, cahil

Corrupt: yozlaşmış, bozuk, rüşvetçi


30. We learn from the passage that ……..

A) Pakistan is not a particularly violent country

B) the Pakistani experiment with democracy has enjoyed

considerable success

C) less than half the population of Pakistan knows how to read and write

D) there have to be a lot of doctors in Pakistan to take care of all the soldiers

E) India is more peaceful and prosperous than Pakistan


31. Of the following, the problem that the author hasn’t mentioned is …. .

A) corruption among Pakistani officials

B) the disproportionate number of military men to medical staff

C) the unusual number of military governments since independence

D) the lack of any economic growth in real terms

E) the religious disputes that led to the split from India


32. We can conclude from the passage that the Pakistani citizens ……. .

A) would not be in favour of reunification with India

B) say that Pakistan has a bright future ahead of it

C) believe that Pakistan should never have broken away from India

D) seem content with the current economic growth

E) are hopeful that democracy in Pakistan has a bright future


Rarely does a century begin so clearly and cleanly as did the present one. In 1900, Freud published “The Interpretation of Dreams”, ending the Victorian Era. Queen Victoria, as if on cue, died the following January after a 63-year reign. Her empire included one quarter of the world’s population, but already the Boer War in South Africa was signalling the end of the colonial era. In China, the Boxer Rebellion heralded the awakening of a new giant. In America, cars were replacing horses, and the average life-span was about 50, which is today 75.


33. The main point of the passage is that

A) the Victorian Era ended in the year 1900

B) at the end of the 19th century, the British Empire was huge

C) a number of events, unlike the usual way, clearly defined the beginning of the 20th century

D) China used to be an important part of the British Empire

E) the 19th century was marked by Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams”


34. It is clear from the passage that around the year 1900, ……. .

A) people finally learnt the true meanings of their dreams

B) Queen Victoria disliked people who interpreted dreams

C) many African nations had already gained independence

D) people in the United States did not live as long as they do today

E) cars had not yet been invented


35. It is implied in the passage that ….. .

A) Freud, waited until the turn of the century to publish his book

B) the Boer War meant more revolts against colonialism were to come

C) one quarter of the world’s population lives in China

D) there is some connection between life expectancy in America, cars, and horses

E) Queen Victoria was the longest serving monarch


36. In her books, the author examines the role of women in Indian society, and family relationships in contemporary life.


A) Çağdaş Hint kadınının toplum ve aile ilişkilerindeki rolü, yazarın kitaplarında ayrıntılı bir biçimde ele alınmaktadır.

B) Yazarın kitaplarında incelediği konular, kadınların Hint

toplumundaki ve çağdaş aile ilişkilerindeki rolüdür.

C) Yazar kitaplarında, kadınların Hint toplumundaki rolünü ve

çağdaş yaşamda aile ilişkilerini incelemektedir.

D) Hintli kadınların toplumdaki rolünü inceleyen yazar, kitaplarında çağdaş yaşamda aile ilişkilerine de yer vermiştir.

E) Yazarın kitapları, çağdaş yaşamda Hintli kadınların toplum ve aile içindeki yerini ele almaktadır.


37. Air and water pollution have become a problem common to all countries, whether developed or developing.

A) Hava ve su kirliliği, gelişmiş ülkelerden çok, gelişmekte olan

ülkelerin ortak sorunudur.

B) Pek çok ülkenin karşı karşıya bulunduğu hava ve su kirliliği,

ülkelerin gelişmiş ya da gelişmekte olduklarının bir


C) Hava ve su kirliliği, ister gelişmiş isterse gelişmekte olsun,

tüm ülkelerin ortak sorunu halini almıştır.

D) Gelişmiş ya da gelişmekte olan pek çok ülkenin bugün ortak

sorunu, hava ve su kirliliğidir.

E) Hava ve su kirliliği, gelişmiş ve gelişmekte olan tüm ülkelerin

birlikte yarattıkları bir sorundur.


38. Pek çok kişiye göre Pekin’deki en güzel tarihi yapı, şehrin güneyinde yer alan Cennet Tapınağı’dır.

A) According to some people, the Temple of Heaven located in the south of the city of Beijing is the most beautiful historic structure.

B) For many people, the most beautiful historic structure in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven, located in the south of the city.

C) Many people consider the Temple of Heaven in the south of

Beijing as the most beautiful historic structure existing.

D) Situated in the south of Beijing are many historic structures, the most beautiful of which is the Temple of Heaven.

E) The Temple of Heaven, visited by many people,  is located in the south of the beautiful historic city of Beijing.


39. Himalayalar’da kötü ulaşım imkanları, bölgenin ekonomik büyümesine her zaman bir engel oluşturmuştur.

A) The economic growth of the Himalayan region is hindered by the transportation facilities, which have always been poor.

B) Because the transportation facilities in the Himalayas are so poor, they act as a barrier to the economic progress in the region.

C) The slow economic growth of the region has always acted as a barrier to improving the poor transportation facilities in the Himalayas.

D) As a result of the poor transportation facilities in the Himalayas, which act as a barrier to trade, economic growth in the region is slow.

E) Poor transportation facilities in the Himalayas have always acted as a barrier to the economic growth of the region.


40. (I) Rice is thought to have originated in northern Thailand, where grains dating back to 3500 BC were discovered. (II) It reached Europe in the 9th century, and the Americas In 1694, by way of Madagascar, (III) Today, there are more than 40,000 varieties of rice produced in 95 countries. (IV) In Western countries, however, rice is used primarily in breakfast cereals, and as an alternative to potatoes. (V) As it’s grown so extensively, it Is no wonder that rice is the basic component of most meals for half the population of the world.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V





41. (I) The cheapest way to transport goods long distances is by sea, but the quickest is by air. (II) The fastest container ships in the world have three huge propellers driven by three huge diesel engines. (III) When they are running at full speed, they gulp 300 tonnes of fuel per day, and thrust the ship through the seas at a speed of nearly 55 kph. (IV) If a vessel meets a similar ship travelling in the opposite direction, their passing speed is 110 kph. (V) This does not allow much time for either ship to take avoiding action if they find themselves on a collision course.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


42. (I) Guam is not a very large island. (II) Yet, one Japanese soldier managed to hide out in its jungles for 27 years without realising that World War II had ended. (Ill) Today Guam is best known in Japan as a holiday destination. (IV) During his years there, the resourceful Sergeant Yokoi made clothing from tree bark, and used the cycles of the moon for his calendar. (V) When he returned to Japan in 1972, he still had his old Imperial Army rifle, and he apologized for his “shame” in coming back alive.


A) I               B) II            C) III               D) IV               E) V


  1. Some of the best discoveries are accidental. Until the 184Os, for example, rubber was not a very useful material because it was too stiff in cold weather and too soft in hot weather. An American named Charles Goodyear tried to solve this problem by mixing rubber and sulphur, but the experiment failed. ……… , Though he patented the process, which we know today as “vulcanised rubber”, it was so simple that many others copied it.


A) One day, he spilt his mixture on a hot stove, and this gave him just the substance he was after

B) Since he could not create the substance he wanted, he went bankrupt and died penniless

C) Today he is remembered because of the tyres that bear his name

D) Natural rubber comes from the sap of a tree that has been very carefully cut

E) Then he had an accident and burned himself so badly that he had to stop his search for a long time


  1. Before the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the United States had suffered an economic depression roughly every twenty years. This was regarded by business leaders as natural. …….. . Yet the economic stabilizers of the New Deal — social security, minimum wage, unemployment compensation, for example — have preserved the country against major depressions for more than half a century. Roosevelt’s most significant domestic achievement was to have saved capitalism from the capitalists.


A) Roosevelt was elected president four times, more than any other US president in history





B) Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was loudly denounced by these business leaders at the time

C) The Great Depression which began in 1929 was finally ended by World War II

D) Ordinary workers, on the other hand, suffered unemployment and severe hardship

E) A whole folklore has grown up around the economic hard times of the 1930s


45-46. sorularda suruma uygun cümleyi bulunuz.


45. One of the few open spaces in your downtown neighbourhood is a small square around a historical monument, where neighbours chat in the evenings and children play football. One day, workmen start digging it up, and it becomes obvious that they are putting a street through the square, destroying it. As soon as you see this, you turn to the friend you are walking with and say angrily:


A) Oh good, the traffic is so bad around here that we need another road.

B) I suppose there is just nothing you can do when the Council

decides to build a road.

C) It’s amazing how quickly they have built this road.

D) Oh my God, how sad! Everyone used to like this square.

E) This is disgusting! Let’s start a petition right away. I’m sure

everyone will sign it.


46. You give a friend’s 8-year-old child a book for his birthday. Instead of reading it, he holds it upside down, turns it around, and looks completely confused by it. Concerned that the child might be having problems at school, of which his mother is unaware, you say carefully to her:


A) Hasn’t your kid ever seen a book before?

B) I’m surprised that your 8-year-old son can’t even read yet!

C) I think your son must be a bit backward for his age if he doesn’t even know what a book is.

D) What sort of books is your son reading at school?

E) If I had known your kid was so simple, I would have bought him a toy instead of a book.


47-48. sorulrda anlamca en yakın cümleyi bulunuz.


47. I’d better go shopping because it looks as if we may run out of eggs.

A) I have to run out of the house because I’m in a hurry to get some eggs.

B) There is no need to run to the shops as we have plenty of eggs.

C) l think I’ll go and get some eggs because we don’t have any and we may need them later.

D) After running so much, I’m hungry and would like some eggs.

E) We may not have enough eggs, so I should go and buy some.




48. Though there are some fast runners in the country, they are not world class.

A) One of the fastest runners in the country will probably win an Olympic medal.

B) Even the best runners in the country are not of an international standard.

C) There are few runners in the country fast enough to take part in international competitions.

D) The fastest runners of the country should get the chance of competing with world class runners.

E) The country’s runners may be below world class, but some    of them are quite fast.


49. Terry:  Have you heard from Janet recently?

Frank: No, it’s been two months, and I’m getting worried.

Terry:   …………

Frank: I would, but they have never really liked me.

A) I wouldn’t worry too much. Letters from central Africa have a way of disappearing.

B) You should get an e-mail address. It’s much more convenient than letters.

C) She’s been writing to Leroy. Maybe you should ask him how she is.

D) Maybe you should get in touch with her parents and see what she’s up to.

E) She’s never been good at writing letters, but you should keep writing to her.


50. Mr Barnes: ………

Sheila: But it’s only 10.30, Mr Barnes, and I just got home from work.

Mr Barnes: I know, but I have to get up early to go to work tomorrow.

Sheila: OK, sorry. I’ll try to remember.


A) Do you know what time it is, Sheila?

B) What is your favourite kind of music. Sheila?

C) How do you like your new job, Sheila?

D) Hi Sheila, I wonder if you could turn down your music a bit.

E) Good morning. Sheila. It certainly is a lovely day, isn’t it?





Evaluation: 50×2=100

Duration: 45 minutes



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