8.sınıf seçmeli ingilizce 2.dönem 1.sınav soruları 2016-2017 yeni



Name:                                                                       Surname:                                                Nu: 8/_

A.Match the words with their definitons. (5x2pts=10p)

__1. Injured


__3.First aid


__5.Adrenalin seeker

a.the state of not being

dangerous or harmful

b.basic medical treatment

c.a hard hat to protect your head

d.someone who likes doing extreme sports

e.hurt or in pain

B.Make sentences in ” Comparative” using the words given below. (5x2pts=10p)

1.scuba diving/cycling (safe)

2.BASE Jumping/trekking (easy)

3.rock climbing/zorbing (challenging)

4.Motor racing/canoeing (popular)

5.parachuting/rafting (dangerous)

C.Circle the correct words in bald. (5x2pts=10p)

1.What do you prefer do/doing when you are on vacation?

2.I prefer parachute diving to/than go canoeing because it is more less fascinating.

3.I would rather stay/staying at home than go out.

4.Would you like watch/ to watch a cartoon?

5.Susan likes rafting because she prefers safe /extreme sports.

D.Fill in the blanks correctly using words given.

ancient-sandy-rural-local-chilly (5x2pts=10p)

1.You should try _____ _foods such as döner and humus in Hatay.

2.Ephesus is a/an ______ site in Turkey

3.It is usually _______ in Erzurum in winters.

4.Antalya has great ________ beaches.

5.People in ___________areas are generally farmers.

E.Match the pictures with correct words.

Taj Mahal-Colosseum-Temple of Artemis –Statue of Liberty (4x2pts=8p)

_________ _________

_________ ________

F.Read the text and answer the questions.


Bursa is one of the important cities in the Marmara Region.It is located in the northwest Anatolia and southeast of the Marmara Sea.The city has warm summers and mild winters.The city has many natural and historical attractions.There are religious monuments and tombs such as Green Mosque and the tomb of Orhan Gazi.You can also have great fun in Uludağ.It is well known for its ski resorts.It is easy to go to Bursa.There are two airports in the city.You can also use ferry service from Istanbul.If you visit Bursa,you don’t need to worry about where to stay.There are lots of comfortable hotels available.When you are in Bursa,you should try delicious İskender Kebap,Kemalpaşa dessert and chestnut candies.

1.Where is Bursa?

2.What are some tourist attractions?

3.What is the climate like in Bursa?

4.Is transportation to Bursa a problem?

G.Choose the correct option.(13x3pts=39p)

1.Rick : Good morning! Is it 7684455?

The Secretary: Good morning! Yes it is.

Rick : Is Celine there?

The Secretary: I’m sorry; she is not at the

office right now. – – – – – – ?

A) Would you like to leave a message
B) Would you like to have a coffee
C) Is she working hard
D) Do you know her

2.Hardy: I like extreme sports. I think they are

exciting. Sky diving is my favorite.

What about you?

Iris: – – – – – – I can’t stand such activites.

A) I like them, too.
B) I don’t think so.
C) Of course, why not!
D) I’m crazy about extreme sports.

3.I use social networks, call my friends, text

them messages, meet them regularly and

_______ with them.

A) keep in touch
B) hang up
C) get on well
D) delete

“Merve wants to use her PC but she can’t.
She has a problem with the Internet

connection. So,she calls her friend and asks

for help.”

A) How many hours do you spend

B) Is there a connection sign on
the screen?

C) What do you usually do on the

D) Can you tell me how to solve a
connection problem?

5.Sinan: What kind of touristic places would youlike to see?

Oktay: I would rather historic sites because

– – – – – – .

A) I think they are mysterious
B) I am interested in extreme activities
C) sea-side holiday is really relaxing
D) history is awful

6.Furkan is an adrenalin seeker,so…………..

A)he prefers safe sports

B)he doesn’t use safety gears

C)he takes part in extreme sports

D)he prefers cycling

7. Pam: Mini golf is a very exciting sport.
Cindy: I don’t agree with you. It is very – – – – .

a) excellent
b) fascinating
c) amusing
d) boring

8.Hangi açıklama yanlıştır?

I.Location: Marmara Region

II.Climate: Warm in summers,cold in winters

III.Attractions: Sultanahmet,Hagia Sophia

IV.Accomodation: Plane,ferry


9.Lily:I went to Berlin last week.


Lily: I went there alone.

A)Was your mother with you

B)How was it

C)How did you go there

D)Who did you go with

10.Joseph:…………..did it take to build the pyramids?

B: About fifty years.

A)When B)How long C)How old D)How many

11.The ___________of Taj Mahal took about twenty two years.

A)architecture B)wonder

C)construction D)structure

12.The Niagara Falls make a fascinating sound

as the water goes over and lands at the______

A)tomb B)bottom C)wonder D) pharaoh

13. The Eiffel Tower is the ______ for Paris.
A) spectacular B)gate C)icon D) damp



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