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Job hunting on the Internet
A recent survey asked students in their last year of school or university how they were looking for their first job. Their answers were many and varied. However, those who were used to the Internet were having more success than those who were employing more traditional methods, such as looking up advertisements in the newspaper.
The possibilities on the net seem almost endless. By simply typing the word jobs into a search engine, we got a list of nearly thirty million websites coming up on the screen. With so many to choose from, it would be impossible to find anything suitable, so the next step is to look for something more specific. You have to limit your search to the area you want to work in.
As an example, we chose law. Limiting the search meant that ‘only’ 196,000 websites appeared, and the search had taken just 0.46 seconds. The first website on the list was advertising 339 different jobs. As you can see, there were plenty of options.
Obviously, a lot of the available jobs are not open to school or university leavers – they call for higher qualifications or more experience. On top of this, there are factors that you must consider yourself, such as where you want to work and what salary you are prepared to accept. But there are lots of jobs out there, and it’s certainly a good idea to look at the possibilities on the Internet when you’re searching for work.
1 Read the text and answer the questions.
1 Who was the survey aimed at?
2 Who had more difficulties finding a job?
3 Typing the word jobs for an Internet search is not very helpful. Why not?
4 Why can’t school leavers get some of the jobs listed on the Internet?
5What two other things could stop you from applying for a job?

2 Complete the sentences. Use the past simple and the past perfect.
1 After we (take) ____________ our exams, we went travelling for a year.
2 While Julie was reading the newspaper, she (see) ______________ an interesting job advertisement.
3 Emily gave in her notice because she (not get) ____________ a pay-rise.
4 Nobody was in the living room when Sam got home. His parents and his sisters (go) ____________ to bed.
5 Sorry I’m late. The train (not leave) ____________ until 6.30.
3 Complete the sentences. Use the superlative or the correct comparative form of the adjectives.
1 I enjoy Biology. I think it’s one of (interesting) _______________________ subjects at school.
2 Obviously, a full-sized piano is (much / heavy) _______________________ a keyboard.
3 Ben is (successful) _______________________ Gary now. They’re both getting excellent results.
4 I saved some money on these shoes. They were (expensive) _______________________ the ones in the other shop.
5 I think this city has got (bad) _________________ traffic problems in the world.

4 Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect and the past simple.
1 Alison’s grandmother (die) _______________ three years ago.
2 I left a message for Emma, but she (not ring) _______________ me back yet.
3 My parents (teach) _______________ me to ski when I was eleven years old.
4 We (be) _______________ in the ice hockey team for six months and we’re really enjoying it.
5 You look tired. (you have) _______________ a hard day?
5 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. Use will and the present continuous.
make erupt drive not stop not have

1 We ________________ Olga to the airport this afternoon. Do you want to come?
2 These forest fires ________________ burning until we get some rain.
3 Experts think that the volcano ________________ again in the next fifty years.
4 Lisa ________________ her interview tomorrow. They’ve changed the date to Friday.
5 Lucy I feel like something to drink.
Adam OK. I ________________ some tea.

6 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the passive.
1 There’s lots of pollution in this area. Dangerous chemicals (produce) _________________________ in that factory.
2 We can’t cancel the holiday. The money (already pay) ___________________ .
3 I was really upset last week because my motorbike (stole) _______________________ .
4 Strange lights (see) __________________ in the sky since last Tuesday.
5 English (speak) _______________ in Britain, the USA, Australia and lots of other countries.

7 Complete the sentences. Use the first and second conditional and the verbs in the box.
not drive not have improve concentrate make

1 If your invention is successful, you ______________ a lot of money.
2 Tania would get better results if she _______________ harder on her work.
3 If David _______________ a job, he wouldn’t be able to afford guitar lessons.
4 The traffic will get worse unless they _______________ the roads in this town.
5 I _______________ this car unless I knew it was safe.

8 Rewrite the sentences. Use unless.
1 We won’t be able to get into the flat if we don’t find our keys.

2 If the train isn’t late, I’ll see you at eight o’clock.

3 Tim will fail his driving test. He must practise more.

4 If you don’t wear fancy dress, you can’t go to the party.

5 My parents won’t let me go out if I haven’t done my homework.
9 Match the occupations with their definitions. (10pts)

___1) babysitter a) looks after kids
___2) veterinarian b) operates on patients.
___3) dentist c) pulls out decayed teeth.
___4) accountant d) arranges businessmen’s tax payments.
___5) surgeon e) examines an treats sick animals
10Fill in the blanks with ‘’since’’ or ‘’for’’.

1.She has eaten any chocolate ………… she started her diet.
2.I have no idea about the earthquake as I haven’t watched TV …………. two hours.
3.She hasn’t gone to school ………….. two months because of her poor tooth.
4.Sude has felt a great desire to be a doctor ………………. she began high school.
5.I haven’t seen my elder sister ……… September.
GOOD LUCK  (each answer is 2 pts)

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