9.sınıf İngilizce 1.dönem 1.yazılı soruları 2017-2018

9.sınıf İngilizce 1.dönem 1.yazılı soruları 2017-2018

Read the text and write True or False ( 3×4=12)
My name is Valerie Martinez. I’m 25 years old. My birthday is the 5th of January. I’m a secretary at Franklin High School. I was born in Sacramento, California and I live in Stockton, California, at 2718 Louis Ct., zip code 95203. I live there with my husband, his name is Carlos Fernandez, and our anniversary is the 8th of June. My school is University of the Pacific (UOP), I studied at that college. I studied languages and learned to speak Spanish, English, French and German.  I like reading in all languages, one of my favorite books is called A Thousand Splendid Suns. When I have spare time, I also like to watch movies, one of my favorite movies is Forest Gump, especially when he says “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” I also like watching Bones and Friends on television. On weekends, my husband and I go to clubs, we like to listen and dance salsa and hip hop. When we’re tired, we don’t go out; we just play poker or monopoly.   I think everyone should enjoy their life like we do, like my grandmother used to say “Life’s too short to be sad.”

(____)1)Her birthday is in summer

(____)2)She learned to speak  four languages

(____)3)She likes reading in all languages

(____)4)On weekdays,Valeria and her husband go to clubs

B)Fill in the blanks with Personal Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives  ( 2×7=14) ( 1-b)

1) We have two cats.___________names are Fluffy and Silver.

2) You have a car._________car’s windows are black.

3) My aunt  is a teacher and _________name is Alice._________has lots of  students.

4)Fiona and I are at the same school._________are at the same age. ________families live in Chicago.

5)I don’t like this house because________windows are too small.

C) Make the sentences Plural to Singular, Singular to Plural ( 4×4=16) ( kazanım 1_b)
1)This is a wild wolf.______________________________________________________

2) Those women are from London___________________________________________

3)This person is intelligent________________________________________________

4)There are some good universities in İstanbul_______________________________

D) Match the sentences (1×8=8 ) ( kazanım 1-c)
1.(     )  Where are you from?                             A:American.

2.(     )  Is your mother a nurse?                         B:Me ? from Spain.

3.(     )  Who’s that man over there?                   C:No,I have got brown hair.

4.(     )  Are you American or English?                D:Only,a boardmarker.

5.(     )  Have you got blond hair?                       E:My mum, yes..

6.(     )  What have I got in my hand?                F:Esin

7.(     )  What’s your cousin’s name?                 G:Our new English teacher.

8.(     ) What’s your mother’s job?                   H:A teacher,she likes her students much.

E) Circle the correct answer ( 5×10= 50) ( kazanım 2-a , 2- b, 2-c, 1-c )
1) ____________water  ______there in the jug?

a)How much/ any       b) How much / is            c) How many / is                  d) How many / are

2) İstanbul is _______________İzmir

a) the most crowded  b) more crowded        c) more crowded than        d) crowdeder than
3) Rome is _______________city I have ever visited.

a)the most beautiful             b) the more beautiful              c)most beautiful       d) more beautiful

4) There are _____bars of  chocolate and  there is _____can of coke,but there aren’t _______pizzas on the table.

a)a / any / some               b) some / a / some             c) any / a / some         d) some / a / any

5)I have __________brother but I don’t have __________sisters.

a) a / any b) a / some c) an / any                      d) an / some
6) Which one is ________________,money or love?

a) the most important b) more important c) the more important     d) most important
7) Winter is __________________time of the year for some animals.

a) more dangerous than b) safer                 c) safer than                  d) the most dangerous
8) A-_____________husband is French?  ________________

a) Who’s / Emma b)Whose / Emma c) Whose / Emma’s       d) Who’s/ Emma’s
9) 1.Is she a English teacher?

2.He is an honest boy.

3.The girls’ skirt’s are pink.

4.Our names are Philiph and Kevin

Which sentences are incorrect?

2 and 4                       b) 1 and 3                         c) 3 and 4              d ) 1 and 4
10)A_ ______________________?        B- I am a farmer

a) How do you earn your living?   B) Are you a photoghrapher
c) How are you? D) Is Mr. Johnson your collegue?



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