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– Circle the correct answers in the following questions.


1. Which one isn’t a white spirit?

A) whisky

B) brandy

C) gin

D) rum


2. A wine glass should always be handled by

its …………

A) foot

B) bowl

C) stem

D) jigger


3. Which isn’t a type of beer?

A) Pilsner

B) Vermouth

C) Malt liquors

D) Light beers


4. What type of wine is used with fish and seafood?

A) Dry or medium- dry white wine

B) Light red or full-bodied white wine

C) Dry or medium-dry white or rosè

D) Hearty red


5. Which isn’t a table wine?

A) white wine

B) champagne

C) rosé

D) red wine


6. Which one isn’t a type of beverage service?

A)Airline Beverage Service

B) Hotel Beverage Service

C) Restaurant Beverage Service

D) Food and Beverage Combination


7. ……….. are used to measure out liquors for coctail, highballs, and other mixed


A) Pourers

B) Bar strainers

C) Hand shakers

D) Jiggers


8. ……………. is usually responsible for recording each drink sale, for washing

glassware and utensils, for maintaining a clean and orderly bar, for stocking the bar

before opening, and for closing the bar.

A) The bartender

B) The waiter or waitresses

C) The manager

D) The sommelier


9. Which isn’t a way to make a coctail glass cold?

A) Fill the glasses with crushed ice before using.

B) Put the glasses in the refrigerator or freezer a couple of hours before using them.

C) Fill the glasses with cracked ice and stir it around before pouring in the drink.

D) Fill the glasses with cold water and use cold drink to make a coctail.


10. Which is an equipment used for serving?

A) jigger

B) shaker

C) corkscrew

D) relish fork


11. Cream is used to enhance food and to add enrichment to soups and sauces.

A) to enhance food

B) to add enrichment to milk

C) to add enrichment to soups

D) to add enrichment to sauces


12.As an egg ages, several changes take place. What doesn’t happen if an egg ages?

A) yolk membrane weakens

B) bacteria enter the shell

C) firm, moist flesh

D) white becomes thinner


13. Which isn’t a type of meat?

A) beef

B) pork

C) veal

D) corn


14. What vitamin’s major function is colour and night vision?

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D


15. Which is a fat-soluble vitamin?

A) B1

B) K


D) B12



16. Which one isn’t a reason for cooking?

A) The cooking process makes some foods more digestible.

B) The cooking process destroys any bacteria that may be present.

C) The cooking process makes some foods more contaminated.

D) destroys naturel toxins


17.Which is a dry cookery process?

A) grilling

B) boiling

C) steaming

D) poaching


18. Which foods aren’t suitable for grilling?

A) Tomatoes and mushrooms

B) Sausages and burgers

C) Fish fillets and small whole fish

D) Vegetables and pasta


19. This is the cooking in the oven or on the stove but with a lower temperature and

the addition of moisture to approximately cover the food.

A) braising

B) microwaving

C) shallow frying

D) grilling


20. Which isn’t an advantage of boiling method?

A) It retains nutrients.

B) It is more dangerous.

C) It coagulates proteins quickly.

D) It reduces cooking time.


21 Which one isn’t a title used in the kitchen?

A) Head Chef

B) Commis

C) Assistant Chef

D) Bartender


22.What is the first thing to do while cleaning grill or salamander?

A) De-grease outside areas and wipe clean.

B) Empty grease trap.

C) Turn off heat supply. Allow to cool.

D) Scrape and scrub bars, racks and trays to remove all food particles and gease.


23. Which one isn’t a biological source which can causes foodborne illnesses?

A) Metals

B) Parasites

C) Bacterias

D) Viruses




24. Which isn’t a high-risk food?

A) Cooked fish

B) Cooked vegetable

C) Cooked poultry

D) Cooked meat


25. A food cutter is:

A) is a machine used for mixing things together

B) is a machine which can peel a great amount of vegetable.

C) is a machine which can slice the food.

D) is a machine which can cut, dice, and shred meats, vegetables, and fruits.





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