10.sınıf ingilizce dersi 1.dönem 3.yazılı soruları 2013-2014

Yazılının Görselli ve Tam Halini İndirmek İçin TIKLAYINIZ


A. Fill in the blanks with “in/on/ at”.(10X2=20P)
1. My friend was born ___________ 1975
2. Eric is studying ___________ the university.
3. I live _________ 12 Columbus Street.
4. There were no clouds _______the sky.
5. Megan will be _________the office from nine to four6. We always eat hamburger and chips_______lunch.
7. Mary likes to go to the seaside__________the summer.
8. We are going to the picnic _______the weekend
9. Steve reads the newspaper __________the morning.
10. Mary and her brother are _____taxi now.
B. Choose should or shouldn’t. (10X2=20P)
1. You___________be so selfish.
2. I don’t think you ___________smoke so much.
3. You ____________exercise more.
4. I think you _____________try to speak to her.
5. You are overweight. You___________go on a diet.
6. Where__________we park our car?
7. You ____________never speak to your mother like this.
8. The kids_____________spend so much time in front of the TV.
9. ___________ I tell her the truth or should I say nothing?
10. I think we____________reserve our holiday in advance.

C. Write comparative or superlative forms of adjectives. (10X2=20P)
1. A lion is (big) than a cat .
2. Oh fine, it was raining yesterday but today the weather is (good) .
3. I have just a little money , then I’ll have the (cheap) menu .
4. She thinks that Chinese is (difficult) than English .
5. Water is (expensive) than champagne .
6. It’s awful , we have got (bad) weather in the world.
7. Your car is old ! it is (dangerous) than mine.
8. Jane is 8 and Kim is 10 ; Jane is (young) than Kim .
9. Don’t be in a hurry , walk (slowly).
10. You’d better get up (early) tomorrow, or you’ll be late again.
1. D. Complete the sentences with “will” or “going to” future tense.(10×2=20P)

I feel really tired. I think I ______________ go to bed.
2. Where are you going?I ______________ visit a customer.

3. Do you want me to help you?No thanks. John _____________ help me.

4. Would you prefer tea or coffee?I ___________ have some coffee, please.
Look at the clouds! It______________ rain soon.

6 In 2020 people _____________buy more hybrid cars.
7 What are your plans for next week?

I _____________ to fly to New York on business. Probably on Tuesday but I haven’t bought my ticket yet.

8 What are your plans for the holidays?

I __________ visit my parents for a few days and then go walking in Scotland.
9 I hope, that the sun ____________shine tomorrow.
10 Do you want to have the chicken or the beef?

I think _________________ have the beef.



E.Write the comparative and superlative forms of thje adjectives(20X1=20P)

Positive Comparative Superlative

busy The busiest
clever The cleverest

easy easier

fat fatter
funny The funniest
lazy laziest
light lighter
little The least

Dokümanın Tam Halini İndirmek İçin TIKLAYINIZ

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