10.sınıf ingilizce 1.dönem 2.yazılı soruları ve cevapları 2015-2016



Name/Surname: Class/Number: Mark:

Choose the correct option. Write your answers into the table. (Doğru seçeneği işaretleyiniz. Cevaplarınızı arka sayfanın sonundaki tabloya yazınız.) (5×20=100p)

A clown is a __________
boring funny c. noisy d. helpful

Deren and Hande usually __________ up early and then __________ breakfast.
gets/has b. washes/has c. get/have d. wash/have

“I would like tomato soup.” Choose the Turkish meaning.
Domates çorbası istiyorum.
Domates çorbasını çok seviyorum.
Domates çorbası içmekten hoşlanırım.
Domates çorbası yapıyorum.

There __________ not __________ orange juice in the fridge.
is/some b. is/any c. are/much d. are/any

. Jack __________ plays tennis in his free time.
usually b. today c. now d. yesterday

“It’s Sunday and I’m off today.” Choose the Turkish meaning.
Bugün Pazar ama ben bugünü sevmiyorum.
b. Bugün Pazar ve ben bugün boşum.
Günlerden pazar ve ben çevrimdışıyım.
Her pazar tatildeyim ama bugün çevrimdışıyım.

Who does the gap year?
Mostly young people. b. They use the cheap way.
Long years later. d. Everywhere in the world.

A: Do you like chocolate?
B: __________

Yes, you do. b. No, you don’t. c. Yes, I do. d. No, I don’t.

ve 13. soruları parçadaki boşluklara uygun şekilde doldurunuz.
Tourist: __________ me. Can you help me?

Helen: Of course.

Tourist: __________ is the book store?

Helen: It is near the bank.

a. Excuse b. Sorry c. Explore d. See
a. Why b. When c. Where d. What

We need a __________ for our TV channel.
reporter pilot c. footballer d. fisherman

__________ a destination and then the time and date.
Send b. Press c. Choose d. Insert

Ralph works at 120 meters height. He cleans the windows. It is a __________ job.
happy b. boring c. dangerous d. hardworking

“You can be a statesman and even a president__________” Complete Atatürk’s saying.
in a healthy body. b. the adults of tomorrow.
peace in the world. d. but you can’t be an artist.

I want to buy a __________ ticket to Amsterdam.
single b. cheap c. pass d. ticket

These glasses are not mine. They are __________
you b. her c. hers d. my

A: How often do you study?
B: ______________________________

a. Two hours b. Always c. Once a day d. In 2 minutes www.sorubak.com

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