8.sınıf ingilizce 1.dönem 3.yazılı soruları 2015-2016

1- Demet : Would you like to go shopping with me
this afternoon?
Ada : ________________ I have to stay home.

a) I am not going to do anything
b) Thanks for everything
c) Why not ?
d) I’m sorry, but I can’t

2-Mary: I really………….Rachel. She always tells the truth.
a) have something in common b) back up
c) get on well with d) count on
3-Friendship is very important in our lives and friendship is one mind in two bodies._____________________________

A) A true friend always backs his friend up.
B) They don’t get on well with each other.
C) They don’t count on with each other.
D) Good friends tell lies each other.

4-Uncle : How about going for a walk ?
Nephew: __________________
Uncle : OK. Maybe next time.

A) Sure,where are we going?
B) Certainly, I am bored at home.
C) I’m sorry but I am really tired.
D) Yes, why not?

5-Kate : Do you prefer jazz or rap music?
Bruce : I only listen to rap music.
Kate : What do you think about jazz?
Bruce : _______________

A) It is terrible B) It’s the best
C) It’s my favourite D) It is awesome

6-Sonia : _______________________?
Katrina : I go home and rest for a while.

A) What time do you go home
B) When do you go home
C) What do you do after school
D) Why don’t you go home
7-Sam : What do you think about snow tubing?
Tami : ____________I don’t like it.

A) It is boring B) I prefer it
C) It is funny D) It is very exciting

8-Kate : ______________
Janie : I usually fry it.I sometimes grill it,too.

A) How do you make a cake?
B) Do you usually cook a chicken?
C) How do you cook a chicken?
D) Do you cook tomato soup?

9-Mert : How do you usually keep in touch with your friends ?
Berk : _______________
A) I usually send text messages
B) I usually go home after school
C) My mother always calls me
D) My sister broke my phone

10-Danny : Hello, Danny is speaking.
Mike : Hi, Danny, it is David. Is your brother in?
Danny : ___________, please.

A) Contact in a minute B)hang on a minute
C) Speak in a minute D) Talk in a minute

11-Shila : ______________?
Marta: I am sorry but I can’t because I have an important meeting.

A) What do you think about the new exhibition
B) Do you want to go to the exhibition
C) Does your father let you go to the concerts
D) Do you like visiting science museums

12-I don’t like technological devices and I prefer ______________communication with my friends.

A) face-to-face B)e-mail C)mobile phoneD)social network

13-Jane : Hello, Jane speaking. Can I speak to Kenan please?
Rachel : Hi, Jane. I am sorry, – – – – Would you like to leave a message?
Jane : No, thanks. I’ll call back later.

A) he is not available at the moment.
B) can you hold on a moment?
C) one moment, please!
D) could you please repeat that?

14-Oscar : _________________?
Fred : Several times a week.

A) How often do you chat online
B) How do you do your homework
C) When will you see your new classmate
D)What time will you meet your friend tomorrow

15-________is a computer file that you send together with an email message.

A) A search engine B) A web browser
C) An attachment D) An account

16-Jack doesn’t use any cables to connect to the Internet because he has a_________

A) wireless modem B)system unit
C) desktop D) printer

17-If you spend too much time on the Internet, you can be a(n)_______.
A) connection B) social
C) internet addict D) habit

18-Clara : __________ ?
David:Hımm, approximately five hundred.
Clara : Are you serious? Do you really spend so much time on your mobile phone?

A) How many books do you read in a month
B) How many students are there in your school
C) How many text messages do you usually send a day
D) How many friends do you have in your school band

19-Jack:Is your PC online or offline?
Tom:What do you mean?
Jack: I mean__________________?

A)How many hours a day do you spend online?
B)Is there a connection sign on the screen?
C)Who uses the internet most in your family?
D)Why do you use the internet?

20) Aşağıdaki eşleştirmelerden hangisi yanlıştır?

A)CUL8R—See you later B)LOL—Lots of love
C)BBL—Be back later D)2nite—two night

Each question is 5 pts.
Duration is 40 mins.

Erkan Tahsin ÇAKIR


1 О О О О
2 О О О О
3 О О О О
4 О О О О
5 О О О О
6 О О О О
7 О О О О
8 О О О О
9 О О О О
10 О О О О
11 О О О О
12 O O O O
13 O O O O
14 O O O O
15 O O O O
16 O O O O
17 O O O O
18 O O O O
19 O O O O
20 O O O O

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