2015-2016 8.sınıf ingilizce 2.dönem 1.sınav soruları



Name : Surname:                                                                               Nu: 8/__

A.Read and answer the questions correctly.


Japan is an island nation in East Asia.It is located in the Pacific Ocean.The land area of Japan is 377.959 km2.It consists of a long series islands.The people of Japan call their country “Nippon”.It means “the land of the rising sun.” 127 million people live there.Japan has the tenth largest population in the World.The official language is Japanese and the officail currency of the country is “yen”.It has a tropical climate.Tokyo is the capital city of the country and it is the biggest city of Japan.The Japanese foods are very different from the food in Western countries.There is generally a lot of fish,rice,vegetables but a little meat in the foods.Some well-known dishes are sushi,sashimi and tampura.

1.Where is Japan?

2.What is the other name of Japan?What does it mean?

3.What is the currency of Japan?

4.What are the some ingridents used in Japan cuisine?

What are the famous Japanese dishes?

B.Match the words and phrases correctly. (5x2pts=10p)

1.Dishes __

2. Location __
3.Climate __

Transportation __
5.Tourist Attractions __

a.15 km inland from the sea


c.hot and damp summers

d.Cleopatra’s Gate,Roman Gate

Various kinds of kebabs

C.Fill in the blanks correctly using words given. (7x2pts=14p)

competition -lean-diameter- emperor -settled- candidate-experience

1.The London Eye is 135 meters tall, and the wheel has a _______of 120 meters.

2.The Tower of Pisa _______at about 3,99 degrees at the top.

3.I tried rafting last summer and it was really enjoyable.It was a great _______for me.

4. Julius Cesar was the most famour Roman ______.
5.Tarsus is one of the oldest _______ areas in Anatolia.

6.” Mardin is now a _______ for UNESCO’s List

of “Cities of World Heritage.”

7.The first prize of the ________is 500 $.

Read and answer :True or False (5x2pts=10p)
Hi Laura,

I’m on vacation in Bangkok.It is the capital of Thaliand.I’m staying at a lovely hostel in the town center.It is hot and sunny.I’m having great time.Yesterday,I went sightseeing in the city and visited some ancient temples and the amazing Royal Palace.Today,I got up early and took a boat trip on the river and went shopping at the river market.People sell fruits and vegetables on their boats.I tried some exotic fruits and I liked them.I aslo bought some souvenirs for you.Thailand has a rich cuisine and I tried it,but I think it is too spicy for me.Tomorrow,I will explore sand beaches and swim.

Hope to see you,


1.The weather is cool in Thailand.__

2.Sarah visited some historical buildings.__

3.Sarah bought some tropical fruits.__

4.Sarah thinks Thailand dishes are great.__

5.Sarah spent a day at the sea side. ___

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