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( A2.1 )


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Answer the following 5 questions according to the reading passage

Clarkson is a large town. It has more than fifty thousand people living there. It sits next to a large river, the Clark River. Every day, people take the ferry from North Clarkson to South Clarkson to go to work.

Most people live in North Clarkson. There are many trees and the streets are very broad. When the sun shines and the children run and play in the safe streets, North Clarkson is a wonderful place to live.

At the weekend, the people from Clarkson enjoy walking along the bank of the Clark River. They also sail small boats on the water and if there is a little wind, they fly kites in the large park.

Every year, Clarkson grows in size because a lot of people come to live there. The government builds more houses and the streets get busier. Maybe in the future, if the town continues to grow, it will become a city!

  1. What is there near Clarkson?
  2. A) mountains
  3. B) sea
  4. C) river
  5. D) forest


  1. What is there in North Clarkson?


  1. A) wide streets
  2. B) factories
  3. C) offices
  4. D) parks


3.How do people go from North Clakson to South Clakson?


  1. A) by car
  2. B) by ferry
  3. C) by bus
  4. D) by train


  1. What do people in Clarkson do at the weekend?


  1. A) go for walks
  2. B) have barbecues
  3. C) swim in the river
  4. D) play volleyball


  1. Which statement is true?


  1. A) Clarkson is a city
  2. B) Clarkson is a bad place to live
  3. C) Clarkson is a popular town
  4. D) Clarkson is a dangerous town




  1. …..… Black Sea is in ………north of Turkey.


  1. A) a / an
  2. B) the / a
  3. C) the / X sorubak.com
  4. D) the / the


  1. l love…. basketball. It is …..fantastic game.


  1. A) X / an
  2. B) the / a
  3. C) X / a
  4. D) the / the



  1. A: Whose house is it? Is it , Maggie?

B: ……….. is over there


  1. A) your / my
  2. B) yours / mine
  3. C) hers / her
  4. D) yours / my


  1. A: Are there………………sausages in the fridge?

     B: No,there aren’t ………….


  1. A) some / any
  2. B) any / some
  3. C) any / any
  4. D) some / some


  1. I ………………… for my girlfriend and she is late as usual.


  1. A) wait
  2. B) waits
  3. C) waiting
  4. D) am waiting


  1. Our teacher …………… us a test every month.


  1. A) give
  2. B) gives
  3. C) is give
  4. D) is giving



 Look at the map and answer the 12nd. question





  1. The library is ………..the bookstore …………the city hall and the post office


  1. A) near / behind
  2. B) in front of / next to
  3. C) opposite / between
  4. D) opposite / in front of


  1. A: What can we do this evening?

B: …………….. we watch the match in a  cafe?


  1. A) Let’s
  2. B) Why don’t
  3. C) Would you like to
  4. D) How about


  1. It is warm and sunny. ……… go swimming !


  1. A) Shall
  2. B) Why don’t
  3. C) How about
  4. D) Let’s


  1. Helen called and said she is going for a walk. ………….… going with her?


  1. A) How about
  2. B) Let’s
  3. C) Would you like to
  4. D) Shall


  1. Non-smokers usually live ………………. smokers.


  1. A) longer
  2. B) long
  3. C) the longest
  4. D) longer than


  1. Jim is ……………. football player in the team.


  1. A) the better
  2. B) the best
  3. C) better than
  4. D) good


  1. We can’t keep our dog in the hotel room, …………………..?


  1. A) can we
  2. B) do we
  3. C) can’t we
  4. D) did we


  1. You take sugar in tea, ……….?


  1. A) Don’t you
  2. B) Did you
  3. C) Do you
  4. D) Did you


  1. I am in trouble, ……………..?


  1. A) am I
  2. B) aren’t I
  3. C) am not I
  4. D) don’t I


  1. My eyes are very tired.


A)You should do sports

  1. B) We should go see her.
  2. C) You shouldn’t spend so much time

in front of the computer.

D)You shouldn’t eat a lot.


  1. She needs to lose some weight.


  1. A) She should call the doctor.
  2. B) She should eat fast food.
  3. C) She should eat less bread.
  4. D) She shouldn’t drink so much water


  1. 23. I’m studying dentistry. In the future ………………
  2. A) I’m going to open a vet clinic
  3. B) I’m going to work in the courts
  4. C) I’m going to open my own dental clinic.
  5. D) I’m going to work in my own garage.
  1. Atatürk founded Turkish Republic and became the first president on ………….


  1. A) October 29,1923
  2. B) August 30,1921
  3. C) April 1,1916
  4. D) March 18,1915
  1. Atatürk opened the Turkish Grand National Assembly on………………..
  1. A) April 23, 1920
  2. B) October 31, 1918
  3. C) November 10, 1938
  4. D) August 5, 1921
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Good Luck !!!

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