10.sınıf ingilizce 1.dönem 2.yazılı soruları 2013-2014

NAME&SURNAME:                                                                              CLASS: 10-                             NUMBER:



A)     Complete the sentences by using ‘Present Tense’ or ‘ Present Continious Tense’. ( 15*2=30 p.)


  1. Listen to Dad! He ________________ (have) a shower  and he always ______________ (sing) songs in the shower.
  2. It usually _________________ (rain) here a lot, but it ________________ (not/rain)now.
  3. I ________________ (leave) home at 7 o’clock every morning.
  4. Don’t talk to me now. I _________________ (write) an important letter.
  5. _______________________ (you / listen) to the radio very often?
  6. That man ________________ (smile) at you. Who is he?
  7. Usually Dad __________________ (take) us to the school, but there’s a problem with the car, so we  _________________(catch) the bus today.
  8. She usually _______________ (work) in the Sales Department in London, but at the moment she _______________ (do) a training course in Liverpool.
  9. My sister ___________ (read)  one book in a week. Now, she ___________ (read) the book “Moby Dick”.
  10. What_______________________ (you / do) in your free time?


B)     Fill in the blanks with ‘ Tag Questions ’. ( 10*2=20 p.)


  1. The Grand National Assembly is in Ankara,__________?  6. Ceren is at home,____________?
  2. Mr. Toprak is from Afyon,__________?                    7. My sister works in a bank,___________ ?
  3. I am quite short,___________?                                   8. Ali can use your computer,___________?
  4. You are John,____________?                                     9. Merve and Nur know the truth,__________?
  5. They aren’t at the hospital,____________?                10. Sibel can’t take a taxi,____________?


C)   Write questions for underlined words. ( 5*5=25 p.)


  1. ______________________________________?  I usually eat my lunch in the school cafeteria.
  2. _________________________________________ ?   The children are travelling  by bus.
  3. _________________________________________ ?   Yes, she loves her English teacher.
  4. ______________________________________?  He often does the shopping.
  5. ______________________________________?  No, he isn’t watching the programme.


D)   Complete the sentences by using words from the box. ( 12*2=24 p.)

The chief   commander- looks after- gift- only- laugh- clown- help- difficulties- hard-   right now- everyday- pyjamas



1. She can be a __________________. She likes laughing and dancing.

2. You’re making people ________________. They like you.

3. A nurse _________________________ patients.

4. I want to _____________ people and animals.

5. It is _________________ to sit on the desk at school all day.

6. What are _________________________ of your job?

7. I go for a walk __________________.

8. They are primary school students. They’re ______________ 8.

9. She is going for a walk _________________________.

10. Atatürk is __________________________ of  the Turkish Independence War.

11. Ally is ill so she’s wearing _______________________ today.

12. Ali has a ____________________ for your birthday.





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